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Paul Reas's best shot: a dad buying army wallpaper for his son
'The little boy became a soldier and went to Iraq. I wonder if it was because of the military wallpaper' Reading on mobile? See the full image here In the late 1980s, I became preoccupied with consumerism and took a series of photographs in supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres . This one was taken in a B&Q in Newport, South Wales. I had noticed the army wallpaper the man is holding and ...

Vegan Strippers Tell All
Lest you think those who remove their clothing for a living are nothing but vacant showgirls, it turns out there's a lot more underneath those faux-leather bras and furless panties than T&A. Portland's pretty women discuss the likes of health care, Crimea and immigration.

Freebie Friday! 100% Free Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone
At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Flight Simulator N219, Game of Thrones: Ascent and Ridge Racer Slipstream.. Download them all without spending a cent! More »          

Egg-Cetera Cafe celebrates 10 years of business
Whether it's the smiling faces of the regulars who meet for coffee or the delight shown by first-time visitors enjoying the antics of Buck, the singing and talking deer in the lobby, there are plenty of reasons why people keep coming back to the Egg-Cetera Cafe in Waconia, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in January. [... ]

Past and present meld in historic Colombo
As we taxied into Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport at an unearthly hour, I couldn't help being baffled by the fact that an international flight had lasted a mere hour, m...

Four critics, one restaurant's food, sound, design, fashion
What would happen if four critics — experts in food, sound, fashion and design — reviewed one restaurant?

Obituaries reported in the March 6, 2014, Advocate
These obituaries were reported in the March 6, 2014, Advocate: Ruby Broman, Dollie Cameron, Everette Holenbeck, Willa Meiries, Lois Shubkagel, Daniel Thomas, Loretta Petr, Myron Reed, Cecelia Reinhart, Edna Schwarz.

The Vegas Girl ' s Guide to Miami - Vegas Seven

Vegas Seven

The Vegas Girl's Guide to Miami
Vegas Seven
The fresh seafood—displayed in a mountainous tableside shellfish cart—comes straight from the Fontainebleau fishing boat, and the space has enough ambiance to make it both the first and last destination of the evening. What to eat and drink: The dry ...

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Family SUVs Compared Toyota Kluger v Nissan Pathfinder v Jeep Grand ... - CarAdvice

Family SUVs Compared Toyota Kluger v Nissan Pathfinder v Jeep Grand ...
The Jeep also has a TFT speedo and tacho, and its smaller centre screen features a light-wood wallpaper that matches the actual dash inserts to look nicely integrated. SUV Comparison-2. The Toyota system is simple and intuitive though it has a .... The ...

An ERIEsistable Journey - NorthcentralPa.com

An ERIEsistable Journey
Dotting the road were dozens of wooden-clad cottages designed to house traditional Pennsylvania sportsmen “camps” and “clubs”… hunting and fishing camps, gun and rod clubs, and other assorted naming variants all with the purpose to house social ...

What do Australia ' s cricketers do on holiday? - ESPNcricinfo.com (blog)

What do Australia's cricketers do on holiday?
ESPNcricinfo.com (blog)
In Australia cricket fills the summer like wallpaper coating Manhattan. It goes from late September to late March, ... And not knowing anything about what they actually do ( fishing for tarpon in the azure waters of Mauritius?), in my mind's eye they'll ...

' When the Stars Begin to Fall ' , Studio Museum, Harlem, New York - Financial Times

'When the Stars Begin to Fall', Studio Museum, Harlem, New York
Financial Times
Hancock, a minister's stepson, has offered possible interpretations'suggesting, for instance, that the arm might be “ fishing for souls” or “taking in” the liquid, as at an altar. Whatever the profundity of his intentions, the result is slick and ...

Remembering Days Gone By - April 10, 2014 - Herald Pubs

Remembering Days Gone By - April 10, 2014
Herald Pubs
Money refunded if not satisfied, at Chas. Kutterer's Wallpaper and Paint Shop. 1939 - 75 years ago. Mascoutah will have a modern "movie " theatre on or about the ... Louis Kilian, 1100 W. Main, won recognition for good sportsmanship last week in the ...

Film Review: ' A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness ' - Variety (blog)

Film Review:'A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness'
Variety (blog)
Protracted, contemplative long shots find him fishing from a rowboat in the middle of a lake, heating a kettle on an open fire at night, and silently reading a book in his cabin. Rivers and Russell pick out closeup details in the cabin's interior ...

Interactive floor plan: Vega Cottage by Kolman Boye Architects, Norway - wallpaper.com


Interactive floor plan: Vega Cottage by Kolman Boye Architects, Norway
... families have used for storing fishing equipment, was the inspiration for the [cottage's] contemporary-vernacular design,' says Erik Kolman Janouch, who co-founded the practice with Victor Boye Julebäk, a 2011 Wallpaper * Graduate Directory participant.

Where to Stay in Istanbul - Huffington Post (blog)

Where to Stay in Istanbul
Huffington Post (blog)
19 Bostanbasi Cad., thehousehotel.com, from $142. Villa Denise, Arnavutköy The ancient fishing village of Arnavutköy, 30 minutes from the old city by bus, has served as a waterfront retreat for centuries. The last sultans ... Then you notice the neon ...

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Fishing lodge follies of ' The Foreigner ' - Cranbrook Daily Townsman

Fishing lodge follies of'The Foreigner'
Cranbrook Daily Townsman
A final word about the set, designed by David Stock and Kirsten Taylor; it adds a wonderful ambience to the play, complete with faux wood panelling, plaid wallpaper and duck decoys. The Foreigner plays April 3 to 5, April 9 to 12 and April 16 to 19, 7 ...

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